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Practical Asset Protection

Plan Your Estate, Secure Your Legacy

Practical Asset Protection


Plan Your Estate. Secure Your Legacy.

The world is a risky place. If something unforeseen happens, your life may change forever. All that you have invested in and worked hard to acquire may be put at risk of erosion or loss because you were too busy earning and growing it to protect it. That’s where Hausman Law Group comes in. We concentrate our practice on Comprehensive Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning, which includes a thorough Asset Protection Plan tailored specifically for you, your business and your family.

Asset Protection requires extensive experience, special skills and detailed legal knowledge to minimize exposure of your assets to unwanted threats and risks, as well as to advocate for certain techniques, that can provide roadblocks to lawsuits and claims. Your business and holdings may be diverse and complex. Our strength is in helping you understand where you are vulnerable and how to protect you from having a lifetime of hard work and smart investing eroded or wiped out. This includes making sure whatever plan we help put in place for you has taken into consideration potential legal challenges and cannot be pierced.

To us your assets are more than pieces of paper or numbers on balance sheets. Your assets are what you spent your life working hard to accumulate and grow. Through years of experience and the development of innovative strategies, we are uniquely positioned to help you protect yourself, your family, your estate and your legacy. You owe it to yourself and your family to meet with us to discuss practical and effective Asset Protection Planning.