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Comprehensive Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning

Plan Your Estate, Secure Your Legacy

Comprehensive Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning


You spent a lifetime building your estate and growing your assets.

Let us help you keep them.

You and your family are unique and so are your needs for Comprehensive Estate Planning. This area of the law is complex and understanding all of the moving parts is important to protecting your assets, minimizing taxes and providing for a smooth transfer and transition of your assets. At the Hausman Law Group we think creatively, advise strategically, apply innovation and act appropriately to protect our clients’ interests.

Having a Comprehensive Estate Plan will provide you with:

  • The opportunity to think through your goals and structure your Estate to ensure those goals are met, utilizing all available legal and financial options.
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing your wishes are documented, your Estate is protected and the right people have been designated to carry out your wishes and desires.
  • Strategic contingency plans if your Estate is threatened by negative business transactions, lawsuits, health issues and/or divorce.
  • A plan to minimize taxes, family challenges and unnecessary Court involvement.

Your success is our mission.

You earned it. Now keep it. Call the Hausman Law Group at (516) 364-4800 to schedule a consultation today.