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To us, you are family. We will protect your assets, plan your estate and secure your legacy.

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We think creatively, advise strategically, apply innovation and act appropriately to protect our clients’ interests. We are knowledgeable, caring and skilled at the practice of law. We are responsive and committed to using all available options to legally secure your business, your estate and your family. We have a strategic affiliation with a group of attorneys and together we know how to serve your needs.

Comprehensive Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning

You spent a lifetime building your estate and growing your assets. Let us help you keep them. You and your family are unique and so are your needs for Comprehensive Estate Planning. This area of the law is complex and understanding all of the moving parts is important to protecting your assets, minimizing taxes and providing for a smooth transfer and transition of your assets. At the Hausman Law Group we think creatively, advise strategically, apply innovation and act appropriately to protect our clients’ interests. More…

Practical Asset Protection

The world is a risky place. If something unforeseen happens, your life may change forever. All that you have invested in and worked hard to acquire may be put at risk of erosion or loss because you were too busy earning and growing it to protect it. That’s where Hausman Law Group comes in. We concentrate our practice on Comprehensive Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning, which includes a thorough Asset Protection Plan tailored specifically for you, your business and your family. More…

Estate Administration

The administration of an estate is a complex, time-consuming process. At Hausman Law Group we are uniquely positioned to provide advice and counsel to surviving family members, executors and trustees regarding the transfer and disposition of trust and estate assets. We have a great deal of experience in this sophisticated area of the law that allows us to help clients navigate and manage interrelationships between individuals and various entities during what is often a lengthy and emotional process. More…

Sophisticated Business Structuring and Succession Planning

The world can be unpredictable. In an instant everything you worked hard to acquire may be put at risk. It isn’t enough to have built it. You need to keep it and that is where our in depth knowledge of the law set us apart from other law firms. With the proper Corporate Structure and Business Succession Plan in place you will be positioned to avoid unintentional consequences that may erode your wealth and will ensure your wishes and desires will be carried out. More…

Real Estate Transactions

As a Comprehensive Wealth Transfer law firm, many of our clients’ assets are in residential and commercial real estate. Our practice includes the representation of clients in the purchase, sale, gifting and transfer of real estate and interests in entities which own real estate as well as the representation in connection with the sale and transfer of such interests and/or real estate. More…




Charitable Giving

To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But to decide to whom to give it and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man’s power nor an easy matter. – Aristotle

Many of our clients desire to give back by making gifts to not-for-profits and charities. We help them achieve these goals by creating a charitable giving plan that fulfills their desires and maximizes the tax advantages of charitable giving. More…

Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

Thinking about and planning for elder care, Medicaid and catastrophic illness is not pleasant but it is necessary. When an event occurs that triggers the need to implement these plans, you will be relieved to know you and your loved ones thought this through beforehand. We are equipped to handle all aspects of Powers of Attorney, Advanced Guardianship and financial transfers that provide you with the elder care you may need while protecting your assets. More…